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Well as Amal announced survival will be resetted/changed on nov 7. (my Birthday)

Amal and I had a talk yesterday about this reset and we had also a idea u guys did not see in amals previous announcement.

The idea is to change Survival to Towny.
As some of u know Towny is under construction since it will feature allot (and i mean allot) of features that survival and factions offer it could become a replacement for either of the 2.
Towny will not have the features some of u might like of survival.
Towny is mostly created by me so far (plugin wize) and I aimed when creating it to make it both fair for donators as Non donators. Yes donators get some cool stuff that everybody would like to have but it will not directly effect PVP between Donator and non donator, something i see allot of complains about.
another fearture towny doesn't have is FLY. there will be no fly this includes staff aswell (Helper,Mod,Admin).
Something that both server do share ,is that they both have...
by Amal_The_Mc_God at 8:43 PM
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Yes, it is true, our survival server is getting removed on November 7th, but due to the large number of requests we decided to upload the world to the public so you guys can save all your builds. We will be uploading the whole server on November 7th including main world, nether, essential user files, and grief prevention user files. So you guys may bewondering, what's replacing survival server. We have 2 choices right now, either a PVE server or an OP-Faction server. I will be posting more details about those soon, along with a poll.
by Amal_The_Mc_God at 8:08 PM
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We are glad to announce that the long wait is over and AcidIsland is finally up. Since it's still on beta we are expecting some bugs, so report it on forums if you found one. Also if you need any help with AcidIsland, read our wiki page about AcidIsland, it will explain everything about the gamemode.
by Double_13 at 1:15 PM
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Well I am glad to announce the results of the Staff applications

To get straight to the point.

VictorCruz2000 16 Votes
TheBladedDuck 17 Votes
TheRealFlunky 16 Votes
SkyMasterYL 15 Votes
Gamerkiller58 11 Votes
007Agentjames 5 Votes ( And additional 6 Operator votes) witch will make it 11 Votes

All these people will be ranked to the rank Helper

I am also announcing that the Helpers
both are promoted to Mod

And that Helper
Kiwink is promoted to Admin

All staff is of course listed here

We wish them all good luck in there new job. More info will be send to them when we find need.

The file contains the whole result of votes. (note that this are just the results but its not only based on this but also on the reaction off staff when they voted. also note that the names of staff who vote have been left out.)

On behalf of IslandCraft Staff...
by Double_13 at 2:02 AM
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Well as the title says the application area is now Opened.

Some modifications have been made since our previous round.

To list the key changes
  1. You can not modify / delete your post
  2. You can not see other peoples posts
  3. No reply can be given on your thread. If so do not think its rejected its just good enough and we do not wish for more information.
Note that the application area will only be opened for 3 to 5 days depending on the amount of applications.

On behalf of IslandCraft Staff we wish you good luck on your application

Application area will close at October 23th.
by Amal_The_Mc_God at 8:16 AM
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Due to a large number of players forgetting their password, we decided to set up an automatic recovery system. In order to get this working you need to add your email to our database. Once it's added, you can recover your password when you forget using /email recovery command, it will send you a temporary password to your email.

This will be the only way of recovering your password from November, that means after that we won't be replying to any forgot password mails.
by Amal_The_Mc_God at 1:37 PM
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On 11/10/2014 we will be removing faction plugin from survival and replacing it with a new team plugin that doesn't have an option to claim lands. Since we already have grief prevention installed, you guys will be able to claim land with that. This prevents people from claiming over the land that claimed with grief prevention. We will be posting more information about the new team plugin on forums asap.
by Amal_The_Mc_God at 11:13 AM
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You guys may notice, the voting isn't working right now, That's because we are working on a new setup to make it better and also new rewards in each server. It will be up in few hours.
Sorry for the inconveniences.
by Double_13 at 8:00 AM
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Well I will kick of with the upcoming plans for IslandCraft this Month.

Already allot of changes have been done.
  • Forum
  • Staff
  • Rules
  • and many many more
But do not worry I will make sure Amal and the rest of staff will not sit on there lazy assess since we can always improve and expand our features.

Before I start listing I would like to notify that allot of changes also depend on the update of Spigot/Craftbukkit and its plugins.

Well to start

  • Modification of PVP Server.
Well we are changing PvP back to its original settings. This because the loads of requests.​
  • Upcoming New Hub.
This should be realised this upcoming weekend. The new hub will have allot of cool features but that we will not spoil for u to find out.​
  • Update and changes to Prison Server
Allot of people have been requesting for new features for Prison....​
by Amal_The_Mc_God at 9:43 PM
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Guns have been removed from prison due to high amount of abuse. A large amount of players used it to get out of the map so they can find villages to make god apples.