by Double_13 at 9:13 PM
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For all staff members

if you wish to be ranked back to your old rank you will need to either mail or Skype Amal or Me with your forum name.
once this is done we will rank u back to your old rank.
this is done to prevent random people creating a staff account and claiming it for themselves.

we are not giving the ranks back instantly
amal and i will first give every old member of staff the verified rank so we know its really u

Since Xenforo haves the option to give personal permissions we will evaluate what permissions u get
also we have to setup the permissions for the ranks

Server Admin
Server Mod
Server Helper

So it could be that Wario and Itscc both are Admin but that Itscc can lock topics while Wario can't (this is just a example)

That is all for now
by IslandCraft at 1:10 PM
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We are excited to welcome you to the brand new IslandCraft forums. Please bear with us while we fine tune these new forums. Have you registered you new account yet? If not make sure to click the sign up button.
by Double_13 at 9:43 PM
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Welcome Everybody to IslandCraft's new Forum and Website

Many of u might think why the hell you would change the old forum to this new forum!

Well, for this we have allot of reasons you might not understand as a regular visitor.

The main difference is for the people working behind the scenes like me.

Our old web/forum provider Enjin had some issues relating the setup we use, because of this Amal and I (Double_13) had to constantly debug and edit the forums in order to keep it up and running. This takes allot of time we would like to spend more on the server rather than on the website. So that is why. With this new forum IslandCraft will enter a new age of server providing. Allot will change soon, but do not worry, this changes should only make the game play experience better and the possibilities bigger.

But I will not go in detail in that.

On behalf of IslandCraft Staff team,

We hope you will have a good time at Islandcraft